17Hundred90 Inn

One of the most haunted inns in Savannah is located at 307 East Presidents Street. There are lots of rumors about things that go on there. Room 204 is said to be the home of the spirit of Anna, a young woman who has been known to go through the belongings of females that stay in the room. Guests often return after a night out on the town to find things moved around in their room.

In addition to Anna 17Hundred90 is also home to the spirit of a young boy named Thaddeus. Thaddeus is believed to be a playful spirit who leaves pennies for employees of the bar on the bottom floor of the inn.

17Hundred90 Inn is a great place to visit if you are hoping to see a ghost while you are in Savannah. Are you ready to get started with the Savannah Ghost Map? Be sure to check out the 17Hundred90 Inn in our app to find out more and see it for yourself.

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