Corrine Lawton Grave in Bonaventure Cemetery

Corinne Elliott Lawton was the daughter of General Alexander R. Lawton, a Civil War veteran and prominent politician in Savannah. General Lawton is buried right behind his daughter with a monument overlooking the river. Lawton’s memorial features Jesus standing at Heaven’s Gate. There is some controversy about Corinne having her back turned to Jesus and her father. Many have speculated that she had a falling out with her family as well as the church before her death.
Legend has it that Corrine was in love with a man her father didn’t approve of, and when her father promised her hand in marriage to another, she rode a horse to the bank of the Savannah River and jumped in committing suicide. However, the Lawton family insists that Corrine died from an illness, and she didn’t kill herself at all. Stories of Corrine falling out of favor with her family are also not likely true since she died 19 years before her father who was laid to rest behind her. Be sure to check out the Lawton graves in Bonaventure Cemetery in our app to find out more and see it for yourself.

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