Dr. Eugene Corson’s Home

Did you know that the house at the corner of Jones and Bull Street was once home to the president of the Georgia Medical Society? That’s right Dr. Eugene Corson lived there in the late 19th century as he tinkered with one of the first operating x-ray machines in his basement. Back then x-rays weren’t common-place like they are today in every hospital. Dr. Corson was thought to have taken the first x-ray photograph on the property.

Unfortunately in the 1890s not many people knew about the dangers about radiation including Dr. Corson. The good doctor didn’t take the proper precautions while handling the equipment and some say it led to his demise. According to legend, Dr. Corson took so many x-rays of his hands doctors had no choice but to amputate them in 1945 due to the exposure of radiation. His health quickly declined and Dr. Corson died the following year.

Locals claim that Dr. Corson can be seen at night walking the floors on the first level of the home.

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