Shrimp Factory

The Shrimp Factory is considered to be one of the most haunted buildings on River Street. In fact, on the company’s website, they admit the building is haunted. They even tell you that the ghost is a former employee named Joe who died in the restaurant in 1977 on the staircase leading to the upstairs storage closet. The former owners insist Joe collapsed on the stairs, but some have speculated that he was pushed down them by an evil spirit that resides in the building.

Long before The Shrimp Factory was one of the best places to eat on River Street, the building was used as a cotton warehouse where slaves lived (and died) in the 19th century.

In 1848, a cotton warehouse was established on River Street where the Shrimp Factory stands today. Inside this hot, murky warehouse, slaves would work from sun up to sound down and then be chained to the walls once their shift was over. Due to these terrible working and living conditions, some locals actually think that the building is haunted by former slaves, not a former employee.

Employees have heard voices moaning in the restaurant before it opens and after it closes when no one is in the building. Lights have been known to flicker off and on throughout the day.

A storage closet on the second floor of the building is said to be extremely haunted. Noises come from the room and bottles of liquor fall to the floor breaking when no one is in the room. Employees who walk upstairs to the storage room often experience a burst of cold air as they climb the stairs. If you want to stop in an grab some coconut shrimp or see if it’s Joe who still haunts the place, The Shrimp Factory is open daily. Reservations are needed if you have a large party during peak times.

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