The Eliza Thompson House

The Eliza Thompson house was built in 1847 and was home to Joseph Thompson, Eliza Thompson, and their seven children. Joseph was a wealthy man who acquired his fortune buying and selling cotton as well as dealing in real estate. However, a few months after the home was built Joseph died. Despite her husband’s death, Eliza decided to stay in the home to raise her children and manage the family business. A parlor and two bedrooms were even added a few years later when Eliza wanted to spruce the place up. After Eliza died in 1875, the house remained in the family until 1920 when it was sold to a local doctor. The house changed hands a few times until Mary Widman bought it in 1977 and converted it into an inn. In the 1980s, the Carriage House was built and 13 more rooms were added. Today, the Eliza Thompson House serves as a bed and breakfast and considered one of the best places to stay in Savannah.

Don’t let the southern charm of this bed and breakfast fool you, though. Many believe that the Eliza Thompson House is haunted. Eliza and Joseph’s son served in the Civil War. When he returned home from the war he was kicked by a horse and died. Passersby have noticed an apparition resembling a young soldier looking out the window of room 132. Visitors of the Eliza Thompson house have also seen a man sitting on the couch in that same room.
Room 132 isn’t the only room that is supposedly haunted. Be sure to check out the Eliza Thompson house in our app to find out more and see it for yourself. Our built in turn by turn navigation will take you to it.

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