The Hamilton-Turner Inn

The Hamilton-Turner Inn was built in 1873 for successful business man Samuel Pugh Hamilton and his family. It was the first home in Savannah with electricity. and it was considered one of the most lavish homes in Savannah serving as a social center for the city’s upper-class. Today, it is a functioning bed and breakfast and a popular places to stay in Savannah. Just don’t be surprised if you see the ghost of a Civil War soldier walking through the hall at night.

According to local legend, The Hamilton-Turner Inn is where the grim grinning ghosts originally came out to socialize, and Walt Disney was rumored to have come up with the idea for Disney’s Haunted Mansion while sitting on a bench in Lafayette Square sketching on a pad.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn, however, has also seen it’s fair share of tragedy since 1873. It is said that an armed guard was shot on the roof of the building in the 1880s in which the shooter was never captured. Locals have seen an apparition of a man on the roof who is smoking a cigarette as he tries to figure out who shot him.

Another tale is about the Dr. Francis Turner and the extravagant parties he threw while his children were awake upstairs. Be sure to check out the Hamilton Turner Inn in our app to find out more and see it for yourself.

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