The Rail Pub

The Rail Pub originally was a pub that opened in 1890 and was named from the men who worked on the railroad nearby. In the late 19th century, the pub was located in the red light district where men could find a beer and women at the same place. Over time, the pub became a boaring house and brothel. Now, The Rail Pub is one of the most popular dive bars in Savannah and is a favorite watering hole among the locals.

Spirits are said to be moving about The Rail Pub. Although there is not anything specifically documented at the pub, it is only a few feet away from Franklin Square which is where slaves were brought to be punished. Priests of the First African Baptist Church were also whipped for ministering to the slaves. Spanish moss grows all over Savannah, but there is none in Franklin Square. The moss is said to not grow in this square due to shame on how African-Americans were treated.

The Pub is a block away from the Yamacraw Village where 14 year old Cooney Houston shot and killed Delia Green on Christmas Eve in 1900. This tragic event spawned a song that has lived on for years and has been covered by several popular artists. Be sure to check out The Rail Pub in our app to find out more and see it for yourself.

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