The Willink House

The Willink House was owned by Henry Willink, a successful man who started his own shipyard after working as an apprentice at his father’s shipyard in Savannah, Georgia. As the Civil War began Henry profited handsomely from the conflict between the North and South. He owned a Confederate shipyard during the Civil War and built the C.S.S. Georgia Ironclad. Life was good for Henry until one day he invited his wife to the shipyard. Unfortunately, she tripped falling into the Savannah River and drowned.

Legend has it that Henry sank into a terrible depression after the accident. He spent all his time working at the shipyard to keep his mind off of the tragedy and the love of his life. One day he saw the spirit of his wife, and like her, he tripped and fell into the river. Luckily, Henry knew how to swim and didn’t suffer the same fate as his wife. It’s rumored that when he returned home, he angrily slammed the door. Now the door is said to open and slam shut all by itself for no reason.

After Henry died, the home was thought to be used as an African-American school for children after the Civil War. One teacher was a white woman who would bribe children and reward good behavior with sweets. Now, it’s said that candy often appears in the home out of nowhere and laughter can sometimes be heard in the building in the late evening.

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